Word To The Why?s

it’s a tough gig being a poet these days.

not enough if you spit yourself spitless on any given fourth sunday

people need a piece of you.

and how many poets fall into emcee syndrome

losing what makes them special?

how many poets lose what makes them special when stuffed in a studio?

where, oh where,

can we find a poet whose cd captures their gift?

cut to:

word to the WHY?s

the latest cd by rachel kann

it leads you in with a just of tease of eastern flavor

add one breakbeat

dj lynk on the wheels of steel

and then stir in one rhythmic voice

that goes somethin’ like:

i’m a

reluctant delilah

trying to be right...

and it just gets hotter from there.

eleven tracks stacked back to back give rise to that

and let me step back for a minute

like a polite james brown

and try to break down what i dig about this disc

it’s mad eclectic

and none of it sounds forced

get me?

rachel works in, with, and around music like a dance partner

and fills in the blanks with her imagery and emotion.

she puts herself out there

and whether she’s rocking a crowd, talking with BessKepp

or exploring her fear of fire all by herself

words aren’t wasted.

there are tracks with music

there are tracks a capella

there are live tracks

and it’s all good

and she’s not only good, y’all

she’s good for you.

and in her own words

"i hope there’s no place you need to BE"

because in this age of sugar-coated cheap poppy goodness

rachel’s an honest-to-goodness authentic being full of honest goodness

with good amounts of honesty and humor and candor

and stories of Pandora’s Box flung wide open

love songs to the past

and flirtations with the future

ending with a soulkissoff

a brilliant benediction

not to be mistaken for a mission statement

as rachel’s words to the WHYs

sum her art up better than i ever could:

I was chosen by God to rub salt in the cut

so I know in my gut I’m alive

she’s alive.

believe the hype.