Twilight On Franklin

Palm trees sway

     in the wind as 

          the sunset begins.

It's Twilight on Franklin.

    Valet parkers grin

    checkin’ Hollywood women.

     Cameramen in production

     cappuccino crews sippin

     voicemail Motorola trippin

It’s Twilight on Franklin

     bleached-blonde rebels

     jogging German shepherds

     Cheremoya children riding

     bicycle breeze beautiful

     as the steady stream 

      of coming cars

           punctuates street rhythm

talking Twilight on Franklin

     surreal shadow silhouettes of

    the Scientology Celebrity Center

    those motherfuckers got a 

fortress off Franklin.

     Perfume fills the air


     glamorous girls glare

      ephemeral atmosphere.

 An acoustic troubadour 

     finds Friday’s frequency.

There’s pure music at

Twilight on Franklin

The morbid gothic kids sit.

Big boned brunettes smoke cigarettes.

Brothers are playin' chess.    

 Revisiting Hollywood lore 

with a whole new twist/

Cecil B. Demille wouldn’t know what hit him.

It's Twilight on Franklin.