turn the pages

i’ve been

turning pages turning pages turning pages

hey kids we got comics

all shapes and sizes

over a century of history

the literary stepchild has come into its own

from windsor mccay to alan moore

black and white small press to four-color glossy

join the merry marvel marching society

shout "excelsior" like stan lee

be bold and dynamic like the art of jack kirby

don’t disturb me when i’m loving love and rockets

alex ross’s painting pop my eyes out the sockets

ec segar’s popeye blended action and humor

i remember when dc marvel team-ups were just a rumor

i ruminate on four-color fantasies illustrated

and written by visual visionaries

art married to storytelling

and quit yr yelling, charles wertham

comics are not tools of the devil

will eisner took the form to a whole new level

honing humanity on paneled pages

we’ve evolved from golden to silver to modern ages

yet these iconic heroes remain ageless

turn the pages turn the pages turn the pages

when i open these tomes

i am an x-man

i am the next man to be persecuted for differences

my inferences are strong like spider-sense

my tense twists from comic to tragic

nothing novel or graphic abt the magic made

when i turn the page with a master of kung fu grip

when i flip through issue after issue

i issue decrees

like this meeting of this justice league is now in session with a yes yes y’all

time for a roll call

superman batman green lantern plastic man

i’m a spastic fan of iconic warriors

and engaging stories stored in plastic bags and cardboard boxes

amazing fantasies filling action comics

i meltdown if i can’t get my comics

i get vertigo spinning comic book tales while secret wars are being waged

one good turn deserves another turn of the page

so i turn the pages

and i burn through pages

like a human torch or a man with heat vision

i envision fantastic situations four times over

i dream of a gothic looking sandman

and a galactic man eating planets

i make plans to keep classics illustrated

i wave banners cuz i’m gamma radiated

i’m a daredevil using four hyper-senses i’m a

doomsday demi-god with a penchant for senseless destruction

i’m constructed of martian manhunter molecules

i’m a lex luthor genius level deprived of hair follicles

i follow rules like shazam i blow up like human bombs

u won’t find wonder women at amazon dot com

like common sense, i’m resurrection a.k.a. dark phoenix

i snap jokers necks like the dark knight remix

i’m a garth ennis preacher tale not for the squeamish

and i’m screamin’ with wolverine adrenaline rages


turning pages

turning pages

turning pages