the first time we never met

what i’m about to tell u never happened.


i was at the mall looking for a store that sold a simple wicker basket, that’s all i wanted, but as usual i picked up everything else but the wicker basket i came for, and i grabbed a seat in the food court to set down my packages for a minute and there u were.  u were reading some book, i don’t recall what it was, it didn’t matter, it could’ve been mein kampf or bridges of madison county or the bluest eye for i all know, but what mattered was that it was a BOOK with WORDS and not a magazine, and u were smiling with or at the words, like u’d just been told a secret or an inside joke, and yr eyes were so full of wonder and wanderlust that i had do SOMETHING—

so i ran down to the record store and bought a cassette of coltrane’s my favorite things, and i scribbled a note to u and stapled it to the bag and i rushed back to the food court and u were just putting a bookmark in yr book and i walked up to u and said, “this is for u—thanks”, and i walked away not knowing if i’d ever see u again…

and the note said, “this album is how u made me feel today just by sitting there” and i jotted my e-mail address on there ‘cause it seemed less threatening, and a week later there u were in my inbox thanking me for the tape and giving me a langston hughes poem and thass how we met.


now i know and u know thass not how it really went down but since u give me so many good memories i wanted to give u one more for a rainy day.