it must be tough
to have that voice
to be able to make the choice
to choose to sing more than they're ready for
to sing more than they can take
to placate this dull ache
to say to each face
what they've needed to intake
and you do this via music
that conjures muses
like i conjure two-bit useless
phrases of information
songbird, you raise nations
above the oceans they're stuck to
you love to
lift up the confused
you're a muse
whose news flashes
built of passages of passion
create actions with your words
i know somehow that wherever you take your ride
your music will coat my insides
with pure soothing soothsaying
i'm not playing this time
i can only speak in half-rhyme
i'm thinking of you with alla my heart
and feeling you with alla my mind
so i hope you don't mind
where this bastardized ballad has led me
i think i'm almost ready
to rock steady on riddims created
by a songbird who's demonstrated
the steps one must take
to truly stand out and glisten:
through you
your music is your mission.
and also
i've learned to
and especially