salt and vinegar

i can taste u on the roof of my mouth

like salt and vinegar

or whatever flavor yr tastebuds pucker up for

that b.f. skinner reaction

milliseconds before the food hits yr tongue

and though i have not been

an item on yr menu

a chapter in yr cookbook

i rely on my dreams

to fill in the blanks of our

prefabricated best case scenario ghostwritten reunion

the one where we grasp each other

like the edge of the swimming pool

when yr young lungs can no longer breathe water

so instead they steal yr breath

and they beg to get caught stealing

in hopes that my fingerprints might stay on file

and i smile at this mock turtle confidence

that my crocodile tears

will be salt enough to satisfy yr tastebuds

and water enough to cool yr warm cheeks

and the mere promise of u is enough to act

as a phantom limb:

(i do not actually have yr arms around me

but i sure as hell

can feel them)

and as the sirens of los angeles ambulances

dance through these thin apartment walls

i envision myself as yr medic

trained to competently stabilize yr every emergency

but then i wanna

rip off that oxygen mask

make u survive offa my breath

and hijack the vehicle

so u and i can play katherine ross and dustin hoffman

and wave goodbye from the back windows of the bus

only because we choose to.

and these are the scenes that have been screenwritten on legal pads

properly formatted with fade in’s and cut to’s

fade in:

interior, my mind, evening

we see a man pitching pennies into a wishing well as he spots the first star he sees tonight

that one star burning bright enough to catch our protagonist’s eye

cut to:

interior, yr heart, breaking

this is told in flashback and gives us a better understanding of yr character’s motivation

it is filmed in black and white

with subtitles

and even then

a lot of ppl still won’t get it.

jump forward to now.

honey i’m home from the salt mines

they’ve been feeding me potato chips and tomato juice all day

and i cld use a shot of something

that didn’t taste so similar

to my blood


or tears

and this is where you’ve cracked open a few beers

and drawn a bath

and i’ve drawn the conclusion

that this character sketch is not concluded

fade to black skies with one star

two hearts

one love in two parts

and three minutes

three minutes

three minutes to cook up a poem

that u can take with a grain of salt

that explains why my sweet tooth has turned salty

as u remain the most satisfying promise

of a meal i’ve never eaten.