revolutionary act one

sometimes i wonder

if it’s really revolutionary to write

to write poems abt poems

to write poems abt love

to write poems abt revolution

to find the right poem abt revolution or love or

revolutionary love

or the love of revolution or

even just the love of a revolutionary poem

cuz someone once told me that

love is the last revolutionary act


i think it might have been the first revolutionary act


wasn’t it love that made jesus the revolutionary he was


wasn’t it love that lit the way for ms. tubman


wasn’t it love that guided revolutionaries malcolm and martin

cuz when i see these ppl i see love via revolution

and revolution via love but

i wonder how successful this lovolution is going cuz

sometimes all i see in my sphere is static

and i’m swimmin thru so much static

cuz i don’t have cable and

i think i need cable to see the picture more clearly or

at least a cable to hold on to

yeh i think a need a lifeline

or a lifetime to sort it out but

ppl tell me lifetime is a wimmens network

and i say i think if we networked with wimmen more often

than we wouldn’t have to be so remote or controlling

but if i turn the remote control to another channel, son

then am i channeling the sun to bring heat to my revolution

then is my dial a sundial

so i can measure the sun days

cause sundays will never be the same

since the church got bombed

i sed

sundays will never be the same

since the church got bombed

and i don’t know what’s worse

these shattered sundays

or these sunless saturdays

cuz the sadder the day the harder the night

and i’m not feeling like a hard knight since

my armor’s been rusted by tears and i

need some oil like the tin man

something to help me move

move forward

and evolve

and revolve around the sun

like the earth

and we all need to revolve

aint that what revolution’s all abt?

and if love’s the revolutionary act in question

if love’s what we’re fighting for

then it’s not so much a revolving revolution

like going around in circles revolution

but an evolving revolution

like taking it to the next level revolution

and i’ll be damned if i know what’s on the next level

cuz i’ve been told that my elevator doesn’t go all the way to the top

and thass probably cuz all i do is spit all over y’all

abt revolution and love


this may be as abstract as a picasso

or as vivid as a norman rockwell cover on the saturday evening post

but i’m living post-sadder days

since my head’s fulla revolution

and my heart’s fulla love

or is it vice versa

this verse is my vice

and it helps keep me level or

helps keep me next level so

i board my elevator and head for the top

but there’s no elevator music in my elevator

there’s just elevating music in my elevator

and if u review the security camera in there

u’ll see me dancin and swayin

to some revolutionary love poems

and as the curtain falls on revolutionary act one

i start the standing ovation

cuz i’ve made the lovely revelation

that this love revolution

has just begun

to be written.