reality check

i write reality checks

cashed from my memory banks

and those memory bank tellers

become truth tellers

if my memory serves me right

and to tell u the truth

i’m still not up on this time is money thing


i’m still learning how to spend time

and i

spend too much time spending money

and not enough investing in my future

cuz it’s easier to withdraw into yr past

into yr bank of memories

but it’s time to put my money where my mouth is

and insure that my time’s well spent.

cuz this time is ours

i spent hours at a time thinking of a master plan to stay on track

until eventually my plans mastered me off the beaten track

and i’m not tryin to remaster this track

cuz it sounded better the first time around

and i don’t need surround sound

cuz the sounds that surround me

already build up a wall of sound

and i thought we were trying to break walls down

so let me break this down:

i have no interest in helping you make money

but i am interested in helping you make time

for the things that count.

and i can count on one hand the things that save my sanity

as i singlehandedly try to save and save and save

but i’m spent

trying to be a savior.

so instead i savor special moments one moment at a time

and i deposit them in my memory bank

to withdraw at a later date

cuz i don’t want my mouth to write a reality check that my ass can’t cash

and i don’t want my reality check to bounce

so i bounce up to microphone check

one two one two

microphone check one two one two

never making it to three

cuz three ain’t the magic number

cuz if it was

yr ass wouldn’t have bounced

leaving me to bounce back

to life to reality too

often i’m reminded

that not all ppl have rubberband hearts like me

or their rubberbands became wedding bands

but their wedding bands were rubberbands stretched much too taut

and too much of what we’re taught

never helps us learn our lessons properly

i’m dropping the

wrecking ball on my pretenses and my well-developed defenses

ima try a little tenderness instead like brother otis sed

but the tune that keeps bouncing through my head

sounds like a theme from those reality shows

my reality shows a whole different account of the matter

so i transfer my account to my grey matter

in hopes that you’ll gain interest in my mind voice and heart

i’ve defined my voice i.e the part that talks

the way money does

and maybe money talks but only time will tell

or maybe i’ll tell you first:

you can take the value of these words all the way to the bank

that time with u is precious and i’ll spend it wisely

and it doesn’t get more real than that.