new vibes

new vibes new vibes

i’m in a new spot feelin new vibes

the bbbeats are bbbumpin

necks are craning to scope

heads are straining to scope

emcees in training are dope and we’re all

waving our notebooks and grabbing our pens

giving hugs and pounds to all of our friends

nice to feel this presence again of

new vibes new vibes

some ol “yr a poet too?” vibes

ppl start to run up in the spot

electricity pops

i wanna do the bodybodyrock bodybodyrock—

i wanna sing a song for hip hop

yes—ANOTHER song for hip hop

i wanna buss a piece like saul or talaam drops

i wanna write a piece that makes yr jaw drop

i wanna drop a piece that sez ya don’t stop

i don’t wanna stop


not ever

ima write all day long

ima write an all day poem that’s as long as my journey

it’s take five-oh, chips and oj’s attornies

to stop this rockinest hiphoppenest new vibe

i gets

new vibes listenin to new scribes from old tribes

spin short stories and tall tales

and all sales of these chapbooks go directly to the artist

i part this red sea with a wave of my pen

all i’ve read and all i see go through waves in my pen

paving the way for 180 second miracles

that turn me around 180 degrees

that play infinite songs on 88 keys

keeping me percussively pleased

and my concepts of percussion

rewind in my mind

til they become repercussions

til i know my repercussions

as i play percussion on new vibes

playin vibes like roy ayers

and i say a little prayer

that everybody likes the way this son shines—

maybe the same ol’ song but it’s new vibe time

new vibe time and we take care of biz

listenin to cats steppin up like, “Hi. And yr name is?”

hearin ppl tellin each other their poem was dope

and man i hope yr inclined to

feelin basslines down yr spine like P-Funk

hearin sht that’s off the hook, the rope,  branches and tree trunk

i don’t speak junk any more than i’d shoot it

cuz see this world’s polluted with enough showponies, old cronies, and holden caufield phonies

it makes u say, “yo, please—

give me a place where i can hear some realness

some ol’ next make me feel sht

some ppl that rilly mean it

and if they build it we will come”

and that’s where i get my energy from

and my community from

and my family from

from feelin’ new vibes.

new vibes.

some ol’ “i’m feelin u” vibes

some ol’ “i love u too” vibes.

new vibes.