Dancin' Times

Los Angeles club culture is

burning like a Firecracker.

People are loving the euphoria 

sweat’s pouring, people bouncing 

ladies scent lingers on body movement- 

nothing matters but the music- 

people are losing their sorrows /

dancing till tomorrow.

Strobe lights sparkle 

over the getto glamorous all stars, 

the educated partiers, the renaissance artists 

the turntablists, word sages, actors, graphic designers, musicians, dancers, 

photographers, poets, promoters, 

crews of club kids in the multicultural mix 

it’s like fried chicken and chopsticks- 

the Los Angeles hot shit 

who got it in the postmodern metropolis 

we rocking the populace- 


people are dancing

these are dancing times


I walked outside of myself across the floor feeling the bass bounce off the boards the dancing body of the mind took shape at the intersection of the times

Sashaying hemlines marijuana eyes promise thighs hooked in addiction while the dj turned tables with white labels breaking news fables between the new age and creation audiovisual sensation crystal balls video walls stobelight fantasies in more rooms than two honeys can attach check the mismatch the sonic boom patch drum and bass attacks electronic soul hip hop polyryhthymn PHAT!


ladies scent lingers on body movement,

nothing matters but the music.


People are dancing

These are dancing times

Grooving while the music blasts

Ladies move fast 



Club culture is a crazy spectacle. 

Everybody's dressed to kill in shiny material.

Hip-hop dread locks tank tops, 

sweaty bras skin showing off it’s hot.

You got every race, gays, straights, 

multi-colors, metal eyelashes, transvestites, transsexuals-All the beautiful people. 

Strobe light visuals add to sensual stimulation

DJ's are playing sound creations/

The new generation is finding salvation 

by dancing…


People are dancing

These are dancing times