comfort poem

this is a comfort poem.

this poem is a big fluffy down pillow

a cup of hot tea

it is nature sounds blending into

thelonious monk plunking peacefully

it is specifically designed

to keep yr head above water

and yr feet on the ground

it is chicken soup


with big ol’ thick-ass dumplings

it is that tax refund you forgot about

arriving on the day rent’s due

it is not just for you but also for you alone

it is the welcome mat at home

that u wipe yr feet on

it is yr favorite song played on the radio

during bumper to bumper traffic on the 101

it is how it looks when u close yr eyes

and how it feels when u breathe deep

it is a prayer whispered in the tongue of yr choosing

it is a perspective-shifting story that yr grandma told u

it is the fusion of tough love and enough hugs to get u over.

this is the word benign

and all that it means

it’s the snooze button granting u just




it is the minute possibility made manifest

it is

now i lay me down to rest

and all that it entails.

it is the movie you’ve watched at least 98 times

like yr reciting every line

because it makes u feel better.

this is a real letter from a real person that starts out "dear you" written in real cursive

this is the curse word u yell out just because u need to vent

this is cross ventilation in a room with no air

this is yr best friend brushing yr hair

this is me writing this poem because i care.

this is a comfort poem.

it is three little birds singing

everyt’ing gon’ be alright, chile

it’s a wild smile from a mischeivous toddler

it’s a tall glass of o.j. with a smidgen of vodka

or the smells of a holiday kitchen.

it’s a loved one at the gate when u get off the plane

it’s laughing so damn loud that folks think yr insane

it’s the first time your first love first mentioned yr first name

it’s a salve for the pain in times of duress

this is written relief for times of yr stress.

and yes...

this is

your comfort poem.