Central Cali's Coast Crescendo

Carmel conifers amidst cliffside cabins,    

moist mist in Monterey,    

palatial patterns in Pacific Grove    

such serene serendipity in the Central Coast-    

Smoky cottages in Santa Cruz blend smooth    

with routeside redwoods in Big Sur    

along Cali’s Coast highway peppered with pampas grass.      

Stone carved canyons cascade seaside coves    

curving across ragged points perplexing    

passengers Polaroid’s- while lopsided landslide    

rocktides ravage roadside roamers racing raining!    

Racing raining El Nino! Cold camping chinos    

capture condensation for further frolicking    

through foggy forests -erosive forces crushing    

concrete embankments evoking existential exits    

earnestly- Emergency!    Rhythmically pounding    

sea surrounding me methodically   

-massive maritime motion -pontificating passing the Pacific Ocean.