Audiogalaxy R.I.P.

SENT: Tuesday, June 18, 2002 11:46am
SUBJECT: audiogalaxy r.i.p.

if preachy rants are not your cup of tea, delete this email now. 

audiogalaxy has officially been destroyed.   it hasn't shut down.  you just can't download any files.  you can still use their message boards, though!  thank you, riaa.  ok, i'm sure that during the napster controversy, everyone has heard the side of the record industry, and the side of the downloading public.  i don't think the side of the unsigned musician has been made very clear.  to me, this is a personal blow.  when you are a small band, no one knows who you are.  say you read about us on some site.  that makes you wanna check us out.  you can go on the internet and download one of our songs, or even the whole album for that matter.  the truth is, you're not going to shell out cash for a band you've never heard.  so how is downloading the whole album ok then?  well, you still haven't paid for anything, but you might really end up liking the record and becoming a fan.  not so you can spend money on future albums, but so you can appreciate and support what the band is doing.  yeah, someone got the record for free, but that someone probably wouldn't have bought that record in the first place, and might become a fan in the long run.  have you lost any money?  and honestly, i don't want you to spend your money on my album, if you're not gonna be happy with it, but i love the fact that you could download it and give it to someone else who's interested. 

in a sense, this is the rich wanting to become richer while the poor become nothing.   the guys in metallica see it as "we're only gonna make $21 billion this year, instead of $21.5.  we've gotta put a stop to this."  the truth is, after napster was killed, record sales dramatically dropped. 

the closing of audiogalaxy is sad, because it has been the way to get just about any underground music you desire.   the popularity of bands like us has increased because of places like audiogalaxy, soulseek, and napster.  without the internet, we would be nothing.  metallica and puff daddy have mtv, radio, and magazines.  we have the internet. 

here's where i get immature.   who cares about the billions and billions that these mega record companies make a year? they're still gonna make billions and billions whether you're downloading their product or not.   when in essence, they're squashing the little guy, who cares about them?  these days, you can go on the internet and order a great record from a small little label for $5.  why should you pay these huge corporations $20 for theirs? 

in the end, do what you wanna do, and buy what you wanna buy, but just know that every time you buy an album from warner bros, god kills a baby kitten.

(thanks jake)