"A Little Shinier"

Sometimes he could turn his head so quick what was really there couldn't quite catch-up. Mostly this appeared as pastel discolorations on white surfaces -especially bathtubs, refrigerators, and pale sandstone buildings. Usually they appeared a soft pink or green or yellow. Usually it turned back to white after a few seconds, after everything all caught-up. No big deal.

"No big deal," replied Kyle when his friend Ben was talking about his Attention Deficit Disorder medication and how he wasn't getting much sleep and everything was getting a little weird, "it's just like when you look at something white too fast and it's pink or green something." The kids at the lunch table looked at Kyle and stopped eating their dinosaur burgers (hamburger-like patties molded into the shape of a brontosaurus), "What're you talking about Kyle?" Anna asked. "You know," explained Kyle patiently, "when you just whip your head around like this," Kyle turned his head wooshfast and looked at the wall, "and everything white looks green to me right now, you know?" "No Kyle," said Anna like she was getting tired of these silly boy-games, "I don't know." Kyle dropped the subject and Ben started talking about how on the way to school he felt like his mom was driving a million miles per hour. Kyle kept whipping his neck around, just to test it out. Finally, Anna said, "Would you cut that out you idiot!" It bothered Kyle. He asked a few other kids -they didn't know what he was talking about.

When Kyle got home he took off his backpack and hung it on the hook in the foyer and went into the kitchen. His mom asked, "How was school kid?" Kyle started digging his hand into a bag of chips and said, "Well Tim got the new Guiness Book of World Records and there's some Sumo wrestler that weighs 501 pounds." Kyle sat down on the couch and turned on the TV, Divorce Court was on. "Hey mom, you know how sometimes when you turn your head too quick how it makes white stuff change colors, right?" Kyle's mom came into the living-room, "No Kyle, I don't," she said. Kyle started whipping his head real quick and explaining it to her, she said, "Kyle stop doing that you're probably killing brain-cells or something." This really bothered Kyle, he kept thinking about it. He could barely sleep, but then it happened automatically.

Then, automatically, Kyle woke up -he had to go to the bathroom. The house was real quiet because it wasn't quite time to go to school yet and mom and dad were still in bed. Kyle squeaked down the hallway, squeked the bathroom door open and turned on the light -it was so bright Kyle had to squint his eyes. Kyle went pee, flushed, and then remembered what he'd been thinking about. It always especially happened with the bathtub. So Kyle wound his neck back to the left as far as it could go and then just unwound -like snap! When he looked at the tub it was full of water. When he looked at the water it was full of fish. When he looked at the fish all he could see was water. Water full of fish. The fish were incredibly fast and flashed by in great schools -they looked like goldfish, but a little shinier. Suddenly -splip! As the fish emerged from the water it's golden scales transmogrified into white feathers upon contact with air and when fully emerged it looked like a dove with golden scales on it's head. Until this happened Kyle hadn't noticed the air, the sky, the smell of the sea. Then the bird swooped beneath the waves and it's feathers returned to scales and the fish swam away like nothing happened. Then a whole school of these fish turned to a flock of birds and started flying around and swooping down, the sea was full of fish and the sky was full of birds and everything kept switching places. Kyle screamed and screamed and screamed. He couldn't even see his parents, couldn't even hear them asking "what's wrong, what's wrong, what's wrong Kyle?" it was all birds, all fish, and in-between. When his father physically pulled his body from the bathroom it was like great drains being opened in his ears and everything seemed to loudly suck into his eardrums -when he moved his head it felt like there was water in there, he swore he could hear it, but Kyle didn't want to fool around anymore.