The Bronx : The Kotori Interview

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“Punk.” A term that gets tossed around more than cow chips in Wisconsin. WAV wonders, does it really still exist? And if so, who will lead our misguided angst ridden delinquents of today? Enter L.A.’s The Bronx… survivors of overdoses, car crashes, and other assorted atrocities along their musical paths. Ask them and they’ll tell you “punk” is dead though. After releasing their self-titled debut in 2003, they’ve struck a nerve, a lot of power chords, one another, and anything else within 50 feet of the stage.

The Bronx is part Joby J. Ford (guitar), a slab a James Tweedy (bass), a generous portion of Jorma Vik (drums), an earful of Matt Caughthran (vocals), and a bloody overload of hyperkinetic psychosis threatening to blow up in your face at any moment. Doesn’t hurt that Axl-victim Gilby Clarke produced the album…turns out he just let the entire band loose in his studio, hardly twiddling any knobs at all. Now, that’s “punk”. WAV wuz able to reign in Joby, who in turn tore the Press Pass of our neck and threw it out to the pit! Hide the woman and children…
here come The Bronx bitch!

What are we supposed to do with that stencil that comes with the CD? And don’t say shove it up your ass. –Scott, Chatanooga, TN
eat it with mayonnaise

Are you guys always that drunk? –Tracy, Carbondale, IL
its all an act. every band needs a shtick.

Do you think Gilby’s jealous that you guys are way harder than any band he’s ever been in? –Donahue, Louisville, KY
I am hard... wait... what? I mean I use my computer for emailing... that weird xxx stuff is for a school report or something... um...what was the question again?

Have you ever picked up one of those black transsexuals on La Brea and Santa Monica? –Manuel, Los Angeles, CA
being African American I take offense at that.

I saw you guys at SXSW in Austin, Texas and Matt chucked a beer bottle into the crowd. It hit the bartender who looked super pissed off. Go figure. Did he ever try to kick your ass? You know, when the bass player from Queens of the Stone Age did that, Josh Homme called it the last straw and kicked him out of the band. –Millinger, Queens, NY
it was actually the owners wife he hit. he was pretty upset. then we explained to him that the shiner on his wife’s face is instant cred points with other beer guzzling rednecks in Texas, and that he is going to get mad respect from the locals if he tells them he smacked his bitch up.

WARNING! TECH QUESTION! What are you guys playing through on the album? (guitars, amps, fx). –Matt, Chula Vista, CA
modulator half pack, 2 whacked out sub pre’s, couple o half hitches, and we built a drum set out of gilbys guns and roses pin ball machine.

What’s better? Great sex that you can’t remember or horrible sex that won’t get outta your head? –Chris, Modesto, CA
since all of us repulse women, I can’t honestly answer that question. gay people love us though...go figure.

Do you guys have any pre-show rituals yet other then alcohol and sound
check (if that). –Lana, W.Covina, CA

in our rider we have a meditation room and we have a mantra we all say
before we play. if I told you what it was you would be immediately struck by lighting. a monk took us aside in indo china and said that we would become a popular band and be able to open bank accounts if we said it before every show. still waiting.

does anyone in the world actually like George W. Bush? –Big D, Venice, CA
Europeans don’t. they are very vocal about this. we then pull the Hitler card on them. pretty classic.. did you know that it is illegal to even utter the word Hitler in Germany? - you go to jail.

finish this sentence: when my band is huge I will use my fame and huge pocketbooks to __________, and when and if I make it to my forties I will ________. -Rolo, Los Angeles, CA
that question kinda sux.

what’s the last good music video you saw? Jenya, Inglewood, CA
I don’t really watch TV. I saw some pretty sweet techno videos in a hotel room in Europe one day. mad glitch beats.

Does Jorma Vik still puke during your shows? Ever think about displaying it on a jumbotron above the stage? –Sebastian, Eagle Rock, CA
yeah. fuck. I forgot about that jumbotron we have in our trailer. keep meaning to break that out... one..
of... these... days. yes.

Have you tried to talk Gilby into getting the band back together? (me).

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(This was originally published in WAV Magazine, which gave birth to Kotori Magazine, in the Summer of 2004. Click here for a PDF of the full print magazine, which also includes interviews with Ozomatli, Dillinger Escape Plan, Shepard Fairey, the Mars Volta's Ikey Owens, Congressman Henry Waxman, and much more.)