Ima Robot

Take me back to the 80’s! Wait, I take that back. On second thought…bring the 80’s to me…now…to 2003! Screw it! Mix it all together and serve it to me in a martini glass with an umbrella…hold the olive. Silly, ridiculous, raucous behavior is my specialty, and apparently many people share that sentiment. Well, maybe not many, but there are still a fine number of silly-80’s connosieurs, 5 of those being Alex Ebert, Justin Meldal-Johnson, Joey Waronker, Oligee, and Timmy the Terror! They’re a robot…Ima Robot…NO!…they’re Ima Robot!

A trip through time…back to when robots were, for the most part, an imagination of the future…something we fantasized about, thought about, dreaded, and anticipated all at once. Kinda like…Ima Robot. Fast paced, electro-synth-pop? I dunno…you tell me. Retro…depends on how you look at it? Punk-rock…partly, yes. Good music…yes. Annoying? At first maybe, but it grows on you…then into you! Fits into today’s day and age? Oddly enough…absolutely.

All accomplished musicians, these guys got together and concocted a fine and refined flashback/glimpse-into-the-future. Definite early punk-rock influences and spastic antics, mixed with the sounds and sensibilities of a jackrabbit stuck in a circuitboard on acid, this is a record that is full of energy, full of fun, and full of silly refreshment in an all-too-serious day and age. Ima Robot You’re a Robot We all scream for...oh shut up Wasim!!!!