I Am The Editor-In-Chief And I Approve This Message

OK, I just had to post these thoughts. I could no longer sit back and 'wait to see what happens' without chiming in. After all, I run a magazine here and goddamnit I'm going to take advantage of it.

This has gone on way too long and the fight is getting way too nasty. Nasty enough to where we're at the point where we're mired in the middle of exactly what we're trying to fight against...the unhealthy and anti-productive politicking that has dominated every aspect of this country and its citizens lives. So rather than spend any more valuable keyboard strokes on the anti-productive and destructive ego-driven infighting in the Democratic race for nomination, I will focus on the ideals surrounding this historic opportunity.

We are at a pivotal point that will dictate the infinite history of this country and its relation and existence in the world, and probably most important to most Americans...it is a point that will dictate the rest of our personal lives. It is something that will live with us, in our homes, in our cars, in our offices, in our pocketbooks, in our neighborhoods, in our hospitals, our roads, our food, our water, our relationships, and most importantly, our children's futures, for decades and decades to come, just as the politics set up through the 80s which have been with us ever since.

And look at where those have put us.
Look at how far reaching a single election and choice can extend.

But now, it is up to us to decide, in the next 6 months, what we want the makeup of those decades to be. The old style, the old views, the old methods are tired and dying, and in some ways, we have George Bush to thank. Actually, we owe much gratitude to the Bush administration and the culprits behind his rise. Not only did this country finally wake the fuck up and realize what a mess we've become because of him and his predecessors' policies, but if it wasn't for the current administration, Al Gore would never have been able to make the strides that he has in terms of the environment and awareness for an issue that threatens us even worse than terrorism (not to mention winning the Nobel Peace Prize and spurring billions of dollars of investment into sustainable practices and industry, effectively setting up the foundation of a future infrastructure propelled by it). And perhaps, at this point in time, most importantly, if it wasn't for the Bush administration, there's no way in hell that the front runners for leader of the free world would be

a woman
a black man.

Now don't get me wrong. Yes, I would vote for Hillary Clinton if she were the nominee come November. No question. No shame. I was ready to vote for her long before Obama ever broke out from below the radar. But once he came out of the shadows and into the light, thoughts that have never before really been concrete and possible started swirling through this simple lil' brain of mine.

And that's when I realized it...only because I've never felt it before: the difference.

There's a difference in the vote I'd be casting for Hillary and the vote I'd be casting for Obama, and while that difference may just seem like a punch card chad, it goes much deeper than that. A vote for Hillary Clinton would simply be a vote against John McCain and the Republican party. Something I've been used to doing my entire voting and adult life. Certainly worth it. No doubt about it.

But then I realized...
a vote for Obama...
would be a vote for Obama.

A man like this only comes around once a generation...if we're lucky. A magnetic personality that has been able to inspire an entire new generation of voters, as well as excite children in record numbers that are not even yet of voting age about the possibilities of public service...basically, our senators, our congressmen, mayors, city council-persons, for the next 30-50 years. A man who has not been afraid to face the critical and controversial issues that we've been trying to sweep under the rug as a nation for decades, and, in many cases, centuries. Instead, he has faced them head on. A man who can truly take us out of our terrible two's and into adulthood based upon the lessons and experiences we've learned growing up in the past 232 years. For the first time, I feel it necessary to vote with my conscience, my gut, and my feelings, rather than my 'common sense.'

The simple fact that he's here and is in the position that he's in, and puts us in the position that we're in, means that...despite all the bullshit that has gone on, especially in the past 8 years of the Bush Administration, WE ARE LUCKY.

But just as willing as we are to embrace that luck,
it's just as easy to piss it all away.

Now human nature seems to dictate that when something so unbelievably good comes around, something that we only see once in a lifetime shows up at our door, our initial instinct is too often to shun...simply because we're not used to it. We don't know it. No matter how amazing, we still may resist. It's out of our imaginary 'comfort' zone. Kind of like...err...love. An amazing friend once told me, "this is a feeling that only comes around once or twice in your life. Why fight it?"

I fought it...and have regretted it ever since.

I love my country. Although I hate and abhor some of the things it has done and continues to do, I do...I love my country. Yet even more importantly than that, and undoubtedly more patriotic than simply loving my country, I love what our country still has the opportunity to be...everything we've ever dreamed for it to become.

We have a chance and an opportunity here that may never ever come again. An opportunity that can revolutionize this country and modern humankind as we know it. An opportunity to show the citizens of this country and the citizens of planet earth that, no matter how dark, how dismal, how fucked up things can get...there's always...ALWAYS...hope. You just have to seize the moment...seize the opportunity... take a chance.


Ask yourself.

Are you really ready to miss this chance?

I'm not. For I live in fear of regretting it yet again.



Wasim Muklashy / Editor-In-Chief / Kotori Magazine






That was SPOT ON...excellent!
I feel exactly the same way:

A vote for Hillary in the fall would just feel like obligatory resistance to John McCain, so he isn't allowed to ruin this country any more. (I now feel the same way about Hillary that I did for John Kerry in 2004: yes, he'd make a great president, but he did not excite or inspire me, except to REMOVE BUSH!)

A vote for Obama is cast with hope and passion and a real sense
that perhaps politics CAN rise above the bullshit and the noise and
the politics of personal destruction.
I pray he makes it!

DJ Paul V

Wow kudos on the heart pouring. ;)

Again, interesting stuff. Linked here:
Hope you have a great weekend...

Awesome. Thanks for writing and distributing that. Keep it up.

Your" Important message" was a lot of crap. Obama is an empty suit with no new ideas. How does raising taxes improve anything except expand government. He excites children ? That is about all he excites. You believe all that left wing crap so it would be difficult to convince you otherwise. Good luck and God Bless

-Blue Panther


It was good to read your little letter. While I personally don't agree with some of your views, I am always glad to see people not scared to show their personal beliefs (whether simply personal or political or religious) when they know it is at risk of alienating a part of their office. Personally I'm a big states rights person & so my ideal candidate is of course Ron Paul who I feel maybe would have gotten a similar level of media buzz to Obama if things had rolled out slightly differently. I think he took 20% in Pennsylvania. I guess though that the idea of a libertarian as president (he ran for president on the libertarian ticket a few years back) is a little too crazy.

I'm with you 100%, this is a rare time and it's especially rare when we get a chance to vote for someone who has the mindset to bring forth something different and interesting and possibly bring people together in ways never thought possible before. There is so much potential both in the country and in everyone inside it, I'm psyched to see what happens, but I really hope this works out. Thanks for sending this message, I just got home, it's 3:30 am and it's a great thing to read before I go to sleep. Hope all is well with you. Keep up the rad work at Kotori!


I couldn't agree more with you, we are really on the verge to prove as a nation that we can reverse course. That we are on the forefront not only of innovation but that we are progressive and looking towards a better tomorrow for all of us - Black, female, white, Asians, Hispanics and every other color and gender that represents the only true nation of immigrants that America is. Barrack Obama is truly a chance we have how tragic if we don't seize the moment and recognize we Americans and the world at large need him more than he needs us. I could go on for hours about needless wars, deceipt, special interests, healthcare, media, education, xenophobia, but that would make for a long laundry list. Someone is here now, that for the first time in my adult life feels like he represents more of the nation we are and will be in the future. Someone that would make me feel prouder of the nation I call home. Yes I am speaking my conscious and gut, yes he is so far above and beyond any politician I have known or heard speak in my life. By the way I am no democrat or republican, it just feels that Bush and his administration have done terrible things for 7 years and it feels like a miracle that this man comes around at this time. I really hope as a nation we recognize this chance we have… I really do.
Thanks for having the courage to speak and spread the message of hope… Its badly needed

Well said. I couldn't agree more.

Awesome editorial!!!! It's time for everyone to the wake the hell up and vote for a person who cares about changing this country for the better!!!!
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OK, I kinda wish you'd gone with that first urge and kept your mouth shut - especially in an e-mail to everyone.
That's not why we're @ Kotori. Nobody really cares what you think - about this - and would have happily gone on not knowing.
{i'm sorry you feel that way.
but that's part of the reason we started kotori.
to not keep our mouths shut.
wholeheartedly respect your opinion and would love to hear why you feel the way you do?
Well, I appreciate the e-mail back.
Of course you're not around to keep your mouths shut and that's not, actually, what I said. I made that comment specifically to politics and specifically to what you sent. Maybe I haven't been reading long enough but I don't remember politics being any part of your general reason for being.
Music and the arts.
You made a special decision to e-mail us and tell us your point of view, in a deliberate way to influence people's minds. And you / the editor-in-chief weren't satisfied with just a fat link at the top of your Web site but thought it was so important that we hear your POV. You were wrong, IMHO.
I don't see why you felt the need to e-mail your thoughts on a Democratic Party race. It'd be like me e-mailing my thoughts out of the blue. The reaction, a big fat "so what?"

A very heartfelt message, and I agree with you, but it's quite a general statement. Can you name three specific Obama policies which have earned your loyalty and enthusiasm?
{thanks so much for your reply. but in my opinion, that's where it's irrelevant. it's not general, it's actually very specific, just not in the way that we've been bred to become used to over the past several decades, probably since...well...jfk. you see, at this point in time, i feel it much more effective and far-reaching to inspire and excite a public and population that has felt ever-increasingly irrelevant, especially over the past 8 years. ignored, pushed the to fringes. what i feel is obama's biggest and most cherished asset is that he is able to incite enthusiasm in a public that has lied mostly dormant as of late, for the feeling that 'nothing matters, we can't do anything' has dominated much of that. the simple paltry numbers in protest rallies and marches and such has dwindled to almost non-existent. obama's infectious optimism is the exact opposite of the false feelings we've been fed over the past decade and that will reach much further and deeper in people's hearts and souls and futures than any policy will. and i understand policy is important, of course it is, but i have two things to say about that. one, no matter what his policies are, they will, one, be better than the bush administration's, and two, will be further from the bush administration's than hillary's or mccain's. the second thing i have to say about that is that while obama, as leader, will play the role of exciting people, it is those around him that will be implementing and moving forward on the policies, and judging from those who have endorsed him and those who he plans to reach out to for his cabinet and administration, i'm not worried a single bit about where and what he plans to do. but if you insist, here ya go: one is to open dialogue with any and all nations, whether we like them and they like us or not.
two, is his commitment to raise the tax on oil companies who charge more than 80/barrel to effectively cut the record profits of the oil companies to a level that's more in line with the prices that are gouging us at the pump. and three is his commitment and history of working within parties rather than against them, ensuring a balanced and bridged governing body. oh...here's a fourth just for kicks: bring our troops home
thanks again for your reply. we've been receiving all sorts of replies on both ends and in the middle and i am personally ecstatic that it's inciting dialogue and thought on the topic. it's what we need.
i hope all is well with you, and certainly stay in touch.
Oh, I should emphasize that I'm an ardent Obama supporter and have worked on his behalf. I agree with everything you say about his being upstanding and inspiring, but those are very abstract attributes and I've found that a lot of the objections to Obama center around the idea that he is "an empty suit" and "all talk." I'm always looking for ammunition against that, and trying to coax people into focussing their reasons for supporting the man. Thanks for getting back to me, that was thoughtful and interesting.

I've been a Clinton supporter since 1992. I was one of those who wore a "Leave Chelsea Alone" t-shirt (a gift from a sympathetic friend). During the campaign I've been so impressed w/what Hillary says she'll do if elected president.
I've never understood the love affair w/Obama. I'm the kind of geek that tapes speeches at the Democratic conventions to watch later. Everyone talked about Obama's speech in 04 as if it was the greatest thing since sliced bread. But when I saw it I was underwhelmed. Like someone talking up a movie that they thought is so great and to you it's okay, fine to watch, but not great (my fave speeches from that year include Bill Clinton's, Teresa Kerry's, and Al Sharpton's; those are the ones I watch again). And I still feel that way. He's fine. But I don't think he's ready. It'd be Jimmy Carter all over again, if he got elected. I don't believe he will be. I predict to you now; if he gets the nomination, he won't win the election. You heard it here first!
I actually don't mind the long process. For the time, people in the states are truly invested in the outcome of the election. In 04, by the time of my state's caucus we knew Kerry was the nominee (in Feb!). So why bother to caucus? The earlier yr nominated, the longer people have to get sick of you.
But in the future I would prefer the campaigns to be much shorter. A nat. primary in August. Convention in Sept. Vote in Nov. We're done. There's no need to have it go on for over a year.
The main thing that worries me about the kids supporting Obama is they're always the first to turn away. Esp if they don't get their way on things; they just quit. I saw this kind of despair on election night '04. In politics it's rare to have an outright win. It's compromise most of the time. Actually I just found an editorial from my father that says it really boils down to having an In party and an Out party. And the concern is not what you do for yr constituents, but, if yr the In party, staying In, and if yr the Out party, trying to get In. So it's more about sabotaging the other party than helping the elctorate. One reason I will never run for political office! Though it has been suggested, oddly enough. But no, thank you.
So it's very easy for me to not support Obama now. I never felt "torn" in any way. Actually my other fave among the candidates was Kucinich. But America will never have a liberal president. Only conservatives and moderates. Though I guess we did get a reactionary in Bush. Sure I'll vote for Obama if he's the nominee. But I have a sneaky suspicion the Democrats are just waiting to shoot themselves in the foot again. They have an unerring knack for doing so.
Thanks for writing.


well said dude!

thank you. well said.

Nice work there. I agrre 100% that what most people are overlooking here is how awesome it is that theres a chance that a black man or a woman could win. Shit that they are even this far along (aside from jesse jackson) is a miracle. I actually think even mccain as a worst case scenario is 100% better bush or even most of the Reps in the past.

Very well written and inspiring piece...

After that blob, er, blog, I'm not only ready to miss the moment, I'm ready to strangle it with my own two hands. Take me off whatever list you think you're running. Now's good.
{you got it. i'm sorry you have so much anger in you and hope you are able to find an appropriate outlet for it.
Thanks for being even more patronizing, but I already did--you.
{My pleasure,

You are caught up in politics and have lost sight of the real.
Politicians can only be counted on for one thing: LIES
The people want a leader that lies, not a representative.
Therefore, it is best to get ready for a lot of change that move beyond a recession into corporate fascism.
-R.D., MD, ND

I cannot express how proud I am of you...your words, your views, and your unique ability to share the depths that so many can go about missing.
I will be forwarding this - everywhere!
I couldn't agree more with your statement.
There is something truly authentic about this time in our country's life...to be able to see a canidate that IS different. Obama represents all of us that wanted more, saw that more was possible, and stayed hopeful that more will happen. He makes me feel excited and invigorated. He also makes me a bit uneasy and anxious....because he is speaking in my language, in the language of my friends, and in the language of our future....and when you are so unused to hearing anything mirroring your own thoughts, it can leave you feeling somewhat bewildered.
This is the best state of bewilderment Ive felt in a long time.
I can sense it...just a slight breeeze...
But Times they are a Changing
Our country had big dreams-we cannot forget the goodness in that. But now it is our responsibility to nurture that dream. No one can get it right the first time...so we are now ready for an entirely NEW american government...so we can embrace a fudamentally NEW AMERICA.

Hallelujah! I'm with ya all the way,