A Peek Inside The Volta

On the upbeat... Mars Volta goes eargasmic for GU's music editor, Wasim. "neurotically scathing", "frighteningly mesmerizing", "stage fornicating" - just check it out!

This show has been the talk of the town since the date and performer were announced. The tickets sold out in a matter of minutes, and VIP’s across Los Angeles had their agents and managers and assistants scrambling about to get their hands on ‘em…to no avail. I got lucky. That’s all there is to it. I got very very lucky. I was kidnapped by an angel and shipped off to the Henry Fonda theatre. Tonight, I’m going to be…de-loused. In this comatorium. Let me bask in the warmth of this Volta glow. Take me in…do your job…warp my aural senses.

There’s more energy in this packed little theatre than I’ve felt in a very very long time. The walls were talking and they wanted to explode. You can’t help but feel yourself saturate in the unmistakeable buzz of anticipatory energy. It was everywhere. It was exciting. And even if you wanted to, you couldn’t escape it. These guys are fuckin’ rock stars. Full bred, no joke, I don’t give a fuck…rock stars!

They march to the beat of their own drum…and their drummer is nothing short of a frickin’ madman. He has a sense of rhythm that would make a groovebox jealous…unrelenting and far from sympathetic. On the upbeat. We’ve got a guitarist who resides in a different frequency…who makes it his vocation to break all the rules and traditional musical conventions. On the upbeat. His musical sense has been warped by the same forces that have taken control of his body. He’s skewed…his playing is skewed…the sounds and notes and solos he so effortlessly crafts are so wacked out and neurotically scathing, you start to wonder what the drinks were spiked with. On the upbeat. And the lead singer…simply out of control. Speaker hopping…mic-stand juggling…stage fornicating. Frighteningly mesmerizing. Outright freakish. But you like it. And many others like it too. Refreshing and beautiful. It’s the Volta. The Mars Volta. They’ve amassed an entire army…and we’re marching right behind them. Watch out Georgie, and you better get your facts straight this time, cuz your fellow Texans are only getting bigger, more powerful, and pose the biggest threat to musical security since Sean Fanning.


The ‘No Surfing’ signs made no difference. We were a bunch of animals…we were let loose…and whether or not we knew it, this was our natural habitat. Our legs and our arms and our shoes and our minds…tossed together in a bowl and served with a side of marinated insanity. Everyone in the place was bursting out of their skin. Flopping around like fish out of water. These guys could have sold out a venue twice the size, but that’s not the way they wanted it. They know what they’re doing, and they do it with unnatural precision.

Ever since the demise of At The Drive-In, Omar Rodriguez and Cedric Bixler have been more than active on the indie-underground scene. Although they’ve been playing live for a couple of years, the Mars Volta’s much-anticipated debut album, De-Loused In The Comatorium, just dropped on the 24th of June, and unless you want to miss your window of opportunity on something very special, check it out. Solid, refreshing, and best of all, satisfying. After the show, I asked my guest and fellow Volta-soldier for the first three words to come to mind. "A musical orgasm." Perfect.

I need a smoke.